Chinese Cuisine.


Chinese Food Wesley Chapel

Why has Chinese take out become so important in the family life in America and the world for that matter?  We are all so busy today and crave good home cooked food that we can all relate to.  Chinese take out is generally derived from Guongdong Province, formerly known as Canton.  Thus the coin: Cantonese cooking.


The first Chinese to settle in North America were the Cantonese who were very gifted chefs in preparing alot of the down home dishes that were a staple in the homes of Chinese families.  Cantonese food is also the most diverse in flavors and ingredients.


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We only use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes. Our chefs are al;l trained to make those dishes that you know and love.  We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on offering the best in quality in every take out order that we prepare.